Software para Planificar actividades (programas)

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For non-confidential discussions we kindly ask you to use forums or trackers whenever possible. Please avoid sending direct emails to the team members. Unlike our private mailboxes, public forums are searchable, and the whole community will benefit if you discuss your problems or ideas there.

For confidential messages, please write to


Dmitry Barashev is GanttProject administrator and main developer. He joined GanttProject in 2003 and wrote most of the current GanttProject code.

Alexandre Thomas is the author of the original GanttProject which he started during his study at university and published in 2003. He is not working on GanttProject anymore.


Many people contributed code to GanttProject, some of them contributed more, some less. We're thankful to all of them. You can find below the list of those who ever commited code to our version control and the list of translation authors.
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