Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7

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Windows disk partitioning

Very easy to partition a disk without using an application, just by using the tools included with Windows, in this case the tutorial we will do this under Windows 7, but also with other versions of Windows can do it easily by following the same procedure as we present them below.

The first step is we will find the task manager, that's what we're going to start, control panel, and then look for administrative tools.

You can also search in the following way: put in the search bar (located in the upper right side of your screen) "tools" in this case we are making in English so we put "Tools", we give click to enter.


We click on system administrator.

Then we joined the Disk Manager option.

The disk appears to us that we are currently using. show us the details of the discs, the format, capacity, among others.

We right click above the picture we want to partition the disk and then we see a number of options, we click the option to reduce space.


When you click on reducing space will appear by consulting a table of disk space.


Then appears the default amount of space we want to partition, as shown in the image, the space that we can edit to choose our new partition, that's going to change.


Finally, as shown in the picture put the desired amount for our new partition, in this case I chose to create a partition to 50000 MB or equivalent to 50GB, for the new album. if you look than adding disk capacity, also change the disk volume figures that we are editing. to calculate the final total to stay in MB disk if you do the partition.

After you give the end, and another box will appear separately, you click on the picture right, you get a number of options, select Format Disk, you put the Quick format option, then put the name as you want to call the new disk, you can choose the route, the letter, you should put everything to default, at the end this will be done, like having another hard drive on your PC.

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