13 dic. 2019

Uso del rebuild_phpconf en servidores #Linux

Wilmer Barrios | viernes, diciembre 13, 2019 | | | |

Usage /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf [--default=<ver>] [--<ver>=<handler> ... ] [--dry-run] [--no-restart] [--current|--available] [--errors]
 --default      : Set the default PHP version used by Apache.
 --<ver>        : Set the type of Apache handler used for by a PHP version (may be used with --default)
 --current      : Show current settings
 --available    : Show available Apache handlers and PHP SAPIs
 --help         : Show this screen!

 --dry-run       : Only display the changes that would be made to Apache
 --no-restart   : Don't restart Apache after making changes
 --errors       : Also print errors to STDERR, instead of only writing to log file
 --no-users     : Do not update user settings when updating a version’s handler
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