19 mar 2021

PkgAcct cPanel

Wilmer Barrios | viernes, marzo 19, 2021 |
PkgAcct is the cPanel & WHM event that creates or restores cPanel account backups

Create a backup

Backups can be run at any time on the command line by using the script: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct. It is run when WHM does a backup of each cPanel account. The options for the create process are:  

# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct [options] USERNAME DIRECTORY

USERNAME is the cPanel account username on this server. The DIRECTORY is where pkgacct will create the archive. The default DIRECTORY is /home. Please see the documentation for a list of all the [options] available. 

There are three available stages during backup creation which can be hooked. These stages are listed below:

pre — Hook action code runs before the /scripts/pkgacct script collects or writes data.

preFinalize — Hook action code runs before the system compresses or transfers the cpmove file.

postFinalize — Hook action code runs after the system compresses or transfers the cpmove file.

Select the stage

We want to maintain a list of md5sum values for each cPanel account that is backed up. In this case, our Hookable Event is PkgAcct create in the postFinalize stage. 
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